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Beanstock Media is the world’s first Publisher Trading Desk. With our Helix™ platform, we offer a cloud based yield management system that aggregates demand from every available source simultaneously to ensure maximum yield for our publishers.

Beanstock Media was created by industry veterans who get it. In recent years there has been an explosion of technological advances in display advertising, but almost none of it has been focused on the publishing side. From the start, Beanstock Media’s goal has been to develop tools and services to make publishers more money and provide human value without human overhead. With our approach, our clients are laughing all the way to the bank.

The Publisher Trading Desk (PTD) approach brings the demand side level of optimization to the supply side. Helix™ exposes each impression to as many demand sources as possible through a parallel auction and looks for the highest bidder in real time, not pre-determined averages.

Unlike other players in the space, we aren’t tied to just exchanges. We work with all demand sources, managed and programmatic alike to guarantee our publishers the maximum yield on every single impression.

Beanstock Media represents over 400 quality publishers including several comScore top 50 sites exclusively, representing unique, hard-to-reach audiences in the USA and around the globe.


Of all the vendors we’ve worked with, Beanstock alone has excelled at finding engaging, high-quality ad campaigns, monetizing our inventory and driving higher revenue.”

- Sidereel


CloudSky High Results

Work with us to put your inventory in the cloud and you’ll get sky high results. People see all kinds of things in the clouds…shapes, faces, fuzzy bunnies.  We see dollar signs for you through decreased costs and higher CPMs.

You may have noticed that managing your yield management through an ad server isn’t the most efficient way of doing things.  If you’re tired of “optimizing” based on out-dated averages, discrepancies between every server hop, being charged ad serving fees for passbacks and are all too familiar with the “fall-to-fill” concept, then we should talk.  We have a better way of doing things without disrupting the technology you currently have in place.

Our Helix™ platform is a cloud based solution.  Rather than the “waterfall” effect with decreasing CPMs, we run a parallel auction in real-time to every type of demand source simultaneously.  This works just like a real-life auction.  As more bidders participate, the price goes up.

And, we don’t disrupt your current ad server.  You can keep using it as you always have to manage your direct sold campaigns and embedded demand sources.

DatabaseHow we “Stack” up

A typical “waterfall” set up in a common ad server compared to the Helix™.


stearingwheelYou’re in Control

Tired of tech jargon and empty promises?  We are.  We know your goal is, ultimately, to truly maximize your ad yield.  And, you’d like to do that without sacrificing control over which ads run on your properties and managing any potential sales channel conflicts.  We’ve got you covered.

Our Helix™ platform provides publishers with:

gearBetter Control

  • No Sales Channel Conflict
  • Quality control of advertisers and banning capabilities
  • Transparency on what’s running

ChartHigher Performance

  • Minimize latency
  • Reduce interference with content
  • Expandable and rich media enabled 100% of the time

DashboardMaximum Yield

  • Lower (or no) ad serving fees
  • Lower (or no) discrepancies
  • Highest bidder for every impression

“Within a few weeks of hiring Beanstock, we saw a 70% increase in ad rates. They have delivered profitable ads, quality brands  and higher revenue”



Thumb_UpBusiness as usual: Only Better

As an advertiser you want control over where your ads appear, how much you pay, access to all possible inventory and guaranteed placements.  Right?  You’ve come to the right place.  With our real-time, parallel auctions you know where every ad will appear and placement is guaranteed when you have the winning bid.  It’s that easy.  And, since your participation level isn’t pre-determined based on previous averages, you have more chances to find your elusive audience at the right time for the right price.

Beanstock Media represents over 400 quality publishers including several comScore top 50 sites exclusively, delivering unique, hard-to-reach audiences in the USA and around the globe.

Beanstock Media doesn’t work with advertisers or agencies directly, but working with us is easy.  On the demand side, you don’t need to do anything special on your end to connect with our inventory or access our Rich Media capabilities.

Beanstock connects with all the major exchanges and other demand sources, so you can keep doing business as usual and still reap the rewards of transparent, quality placements on our sites.


“They are constantly optimizing the eCPMs and only deliver high quality content that doesn’t cheapen the user experience. Theirreporting and publisher assistance are also top notch. We definitely recommend Beanstock for Publishers.”

- SB Nation


Helix™ – A Better Mousetrap

Publishers have faced the same problems for a decade now.  And, Beanstock Media has an entirely new perspective and solution on how to solve them.

Our Helix™ platform drives everything and is built on proprietary Beanstock technology.  It’s truly revolutionary.  Like nothing you’ve seen before.  Honest.

Helix™ at-a-glance
  • Publisher inventory is pushed to the cloud for maximum yield, alleviating the need to pre-determine hierarchies in the ad server
  • Impressions are auctioned to all demand sources in parallel for maximum bid density
  • Regularly results in 30% – 150%+ higher yield vs standalone SSP or exchanges
  • Helix™ technology complements any standard ad server
  • Flexible yield management logic works with direct-sold campaigns
  • Zero passbacks and minimal discrepancies

Helix™ family

Helix is made up of the following key components:

Onswipe™ – Enhanced mobile user experience delivering higher engagement and revenue

CloudX™ – Universal, real-time, multi-source demand aggregation

Nucleus™ – Virtual page tags that sense and control on-page third party ad tags

uFrame™ – Dynamic ad expansion on iframed ad inventory

GhostWriter – Proprietary javascript technology for script prioritization and 3rd party monitoring


  • Parallel, real-time auction that solicits multiple demand sources simultaneously
  • Exposes each impression to all possible demand sources at once encouraging competition and ensuring highest possible bid wins
  • Provides sellers with maximum value for each impression
  • Grants buyers complete access to all available inventory


  • Proprietary, virtual tag that sits at the top of the publisher’s page, compatible with all browsers and ad servers
  • Initiates the auction in the browser to speed up fulfillment
  • Occurs ahead of RTB exchanges but behind guaranteed and direct sold line items to ensure their delivery


  • Dynamic ad expansion on iframed ad inventory allowing for rich media placements and higher CPMs
  • Allows publishers to easily deliver rich-media and expandables in normal ad slots with no additional work
  • Unifies vendor-specific files to simplify management


  • Beanstocks Media’s proprietary javascript technology
  • Gives publisher control over script prioritization without any development costs
  • Faster page loads
  • Real time monitoring for user experience
  • Real time monitoring of 3rd parties

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